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Cartagena Solo (6 Days / 5 Nights)

  • 20 horas
  • 4,133.17 US dollars
  • Cartagena

Descripción del servicio

Looking for a full experience? Don't miss any must-do's in this complete package for your escape to paradise. Cartagena is known as a very warm city with average year-round temperatures of 88 degrees Fahrenheit, lows of 75 derees, 90% humidity, with beautiful breezes rolling in from the Caribbean Sea. Today, its the most popular tourist destination in Colombia and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. From the moment you get picked up at the airport until the day you get dropped off for your flight back home, we will make sure you have a safe and fun LGBT+ traveling experience. This package covers culinary experiences where you will enjoy authentic dishes from the coast and discover other Colombian treasures aside from its coffe such as rum and chocolate that is produced locally. Aside from indulging your palate, you will experience history and culture like never before as you travel through time touring the historic walled city it is known for. To ensure you don't miss a thing, this package will take you from the skies in a national aviary experiences to the sea at an exclusive island retreat, where you will be able to relax and enjoy of a cocktail by the clear warm waters of the beach. Get the full experience for your visit and plan ahead for a seamless vacation tailored for you with us. (Price of package for 2 travelers, please contact us for solo packages)

Detalles del contacto

+1 (602) 399-7433

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